Case Studies

By comparing effective MTFs before and after processing, we can quantify the improvement provided by ATCOM.

Through field testing with third party tools, ATCOM has improved the identification capabilities of leading facial recognition software.

ATCOM can enhance videos, improving resolution and contrast while removing effects like jitter, blur, and atmospheric turbulence, leading to higher quality data and more actionable information. This imagery can then be fed into automatic classifiers, improving their identification and recognition ability.

Maintaining surveillance with an aerostat means constantly collecting video over long distances. These collected videos suffer from degradation due to atmospheric turbulence, resulting in information loss.

EM Photonics was commissioned to build a custom device based on our ATCOM technology to enhance the video collected by the high-definition, mission-tracking cameras at Kennedy Space Center. This system included HD-SDI inputs and outputs and the ability to enhance video streams in real time.