Enhancing Imagery

See Farther. See Better.

ATCOM is a family of real-time video enhancement techniques. Our emphasis on low-latency and efficient processing quickly gets you the results you need. The ATCOM ecosystem has many image enhancement capabilities that can be used interchangeably to form a custom processing pipeline. These include:

  • Deblurring: Correct common distortions and blurring that occur within a single image frame.
  • Dehazing: Improve upon the washed-out details caused by fog or haze in video.
  • Stabilization: Combat unwanted camera movement and improve performance of multi-frame algorithms.
  • Contrast Enhancement: Resolve detail in low-dynamic-range regions of captured imagery.
  • Overlay and Defect Removal: Remove overlays and other image defects that can interfere with processing. Overlay elements can be restored later for presentation.
  • Motion Estimation: Determine where motion is occurring within a video stream and provide this information to other enhancement components for improved results.
  • Super Resolution: Increase the effective resolution of imagery.
  • Frame Capture and Transmittal: Capture or transmit from select devices with minimal latency and no effort.
  • Image Type Conversion: Convert among image types easily using highly performant methods that will not get in the way of more important processing.
  • Speckle Processing: Remove warping and scintillation effects in long range imagery.
  • Region of Interest Processing: Perform enhancement techniques only on selected regions.

These components can be assembled exactly to your specification. We offer a variety of platforms and embodiments, and will work with you to meet any size, weight, power, or performance goals. Additionally, we can integrate your own techniques or implement new algorithms as necessary to get the results you need. We can integrate our capabilities into your existing systems or create a whole new system based on our ATCOM technology.

Hardware selections chart:

CPU Fastest Flexibility
GPU Fast Performance
Embedded GPU Fast Power+Performance
FPGA Longer Perfectly tailored